Why You Should Invest In A Customised Warehouse Design

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Why You Should Invest In A Customised Warehouse Design

You probably think that anything customised these days comes with an expensive price tag, but investing in a customised warehouse design for your business can be cheaper than you think. There are many benefits to choosing a customised warehouse design over a standard pallet racking design or mezzanine floor option. Let’s take a look at why it makes sense to invest in a personalised design for your warehouse.


It may cost a little more to have a custom designed warehouse layout installed but the long term cost savings can be massive. Because your warehouse solution has been custom designed to suit your exacting business needs, processes will be streamlined resulting in maximum efficiency. Achieving maximum productivity is worth its weight in gold so being able to reach this level of efficiency means huge cost savings to the business along with increased profit margins.


A customised warehouse design can also help your business achieve maximum storage capacity. You may think you have created the most storage space possible, but a warehouse design consultant will be able to improve on this and increase your available storage space, which means you will be able to store more goods and have a higher turnover of stock, resulting in cost savings and better profit margins.


If you have a long term business plan, this can be taken into account by your warehouse designer. Creating a layout that works with your business strategy in the long run means you won’t be spending money every few years to redesign your warehouse layout to meet your changing business needs.


Specialised warehouse designers will also have access to the most up to date advances in technology and systems that could fit with your business requirements. By working with a team of expert warehouse designers, they will ask all the right questions to get to know your business and then make their recommendations on what type of warehouse solution and accompanying technologies would work best with your business needs.


If you have environmental concerns about your business, for example carbon emissions, your design team can look at a variety of green options for your warehouse including minimising your energy usage, cutting down on wastage and ways to encourage recycling of materials.


Blue Diamond Storage are experts in customised warehouse design and pallet racking in Perth. They offer on-site consultations and safety audits and can not only make recommendations, but they can design, supply and install custom designed warehouse solutions for your business. Call and book your free, no-obligation consultation for your warehouse today.

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