Why You Should Conduct A Warehouse Safety Audit

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Why You Should Conduct A Warehouse Safety Audit

Whether you have been running your warehouse for years or have just taken over a new premises, a warehouse safety audit can help you ensure that you are operating your warehouse both safely and efficiently. By engaging an experienced warehouse design consultant you can be sure that they know exactly what they are auditing and can make the relevant recommendations for safety improvements throughout your space in accordance with the latest Australian safety standards.


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Raise Any Safety Concerns


Conducting a warehouse safety audit will highlight if you have any potential safety issues in your warehouse as per its current layout. Hazards will be graded depending on their degree of danger and likelihood of materialising so you can see exactly which issues may arise and what sort of damage they could inflict.


Make Suggestions To Eliminate Potential Hazards


Not only will a warehouse safety audit advise you about potential hazards in your workspace, but it will also make suggestions as to how you can make improvements to reduce or ideally eliminate hazards in the warehouse. Some suggestions may be simple, such as making sure all areas are tidied away after being used to avoid slips, trips and spills. Or if there are more technical issues to address, these would be detailed in your safety audit report.


Have A Current Report Of Your Safety Compliance


Being able to provide a current safety compliance record can be extremely beneficial. Not only does it give you peace of mind that your warehouse is being run safely, but it can also be a draw to potential customers that your business is conducted in a safe and secure environment. In the unlikely event that any legal action were to arise where it was suggested the business had been negligent, having a current record of being fully compliant with all health and safety regulations will be invaluable. Annual professional safety audits are recommended to ensure that there are no breaches of Australian safety standards on your premises.


If you want to conduct a professional warehouse safety audit, speak to the experts at Blue Diamond Storage. Their team of experienced warehouse safety consultants can determine how safe your warehouse is and advise you where you can make safety improvements that could also increase your efficiency and potentially make cost savings as well. Book your warehouse safety audit with them online or call them on 1300 232 857.


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