What Is Selective Pallet Racking?

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What Is Selective Pallet Racking?

With so many different types of pallet racking available today, it can be tricky to try and choose the one that fits your business requirements, especially if you aren’t quite sure what you are looking for. One of the most common forms of pallet racking on the market is selective pallet racking – let’s take a closer look at exactly what it is.


Selective pallet racking offers the ultimate in flexibility and is one of the most economical options when it comes to the different racking options, being one of the cheapest forms of pallet racking per square metre.. The main advantage of this type of pallet racking is that you can start with just one or a few bays, and over time you can add to it as your needs expand.


This type of pallet racking is compatible with a wide variety of handling equipment and has excellent stock rotation qualities. Selective pallet racking can also accommodate variable pallet heights with an easy beam adjustment. It is quick and simple to install, meaning no lengthy delays while your racking is being built.


Selective Pallet Racking Perth


It is based on the principle of FIFO – first in, first out. This means that the stock added first is also removed first. This makes it ideal for SKU’s (stock keeping units) with a short shelf life. It can only be placed a maximum of one pallet deep but the pallet racking can be placed back to back to create two sides to each pallet racking aisle.


By installing selective pallet racking, your warehouse space will be maximised resulting in improved productivity for your business. Not only does it increase your productivity but it can also help to improve safety and create a safer working environment for your employees. It is suitable for a huge range of industries, including mining, agriculture, food & beverage, automotive, pharmaceutical and many more.


If you think that selective pallet racking might be the ideal solution for your business, get in touch with Blue Diamond Storage today and speak to one of their qualified consultants. They can carry out a no-obligation on site audit at your premises and then recommend the best form of pallet racking for your business needs, or create a custom designed storage solution to complement your requirements.


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