What Is Gondola Shelving?

///What Is Gondola Shelving?

What Is Gondola Shelving?

Gondola shelves are free-standing units that are assembled with either single-sided or double-sided shelves. A gondola is constructed of fabricated steel and consists of a flat pedestal, with a vertical section attached to it.


Gondola shelving is ideal for retail environments and plays a major role in visual merchandising. Not only are gondola shelves used to display products, but they also divide shop floors and create aisles. When positioned well, these shelves will maximize floor space by laying out the direction and flow of customers through a store. Simply put, well-positioned gondola shelving encourages customers to naturally browse the whole shop and make for a better shopping experience – usually resulting in an increase in sales.


Double-sided shelves are commonly used in the centre of a store next to the aisles. Single-sided gondola shelving units are used as wall shelving or at the end of a row of double-sided units, as end bays or promotional bays.


A major advantage in using gondola shelving is that it is very easy to customise the units according to a business or store’s specific requirements. Gondola shelves are available in various heights and widths and the shelves can be removed or adjusted according to the products on display. The back of the shelves can be changed from plain panels to pegboard-style backing on which various components can be attached. These components can include wire baskets, rails, brackets and various hooks. A well-customised gondola shelve can display anything from accessories to groceries, in a manner that is visually attractive to a customer while still remaining highly functional.


Here are some aspects you need to consider when choosing gondola shelving:


Floor space

It is important to know the measurements of the shop in which the shelves will be placed and to visualise the sizes and amounts of shelves that will be required in the space. If the space is empty it is best to mark the floor where the gondola shelve will be placed. As a rule of thumb it is better to have a wider aisle rather than a very narrow one, as a cramped aisle can be frustrating to customers and lead to a negative shopping experience.


The right height

When choosing the height of the gondola shelving, keep in mind that shelves that are too low don’t always allow enough space for good display of a wide range of products. While shelves that are too high can obstruct the customer’s view of the products placed on the top shelves.


The right width

Shelves that are very large can be difficult and costly to stock fully; half-stocked shelves hardly give an impression of good choice and availability. Shelves that measure between 370mm and 470mm are popular choices for small to medium sized stores. Smaller shelves can also be tilted to make products more open to display and easier to reach.


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