Use Your Aisle Width To Determine What Type Of Racking To Choose

//Use Your Aisle Width To Determine What Type Of Racking To Choose

Use Your Aisle Width To Determine What Type Of Racking To Choose

In an ideal world businesses will have no restrictions to the size of their warehouse and the ways in which its space can be utilised. But in reality many businesses are constantly looking for solutions to create more storage space in a warehouse that is filling up fast. In situations where the stock types require certain accessibility, or a change in layout is not a viable option, businesses can use aisle widths to determine the type of racking they should use to increase their warehouse capacity.


Narrow aisles and very narrow aisles

Narrow aisle pallet racking is a popular storage system which is used in many warehouses and storage areas. They offer economic and efficient use of space, but with more accessible aisles than in very narrow aisle systems. Operating areas can be designed to navigate easily and to fit two forklifts at a time. Narrow aisle racking systems do not require specialised racking, but make use of configured single deep selective racking and double deep racking.


Very narrow aisles (or VNAs) are less common and usually part of a high bay storage system that makes for optimum use of floor space. It is most often used in environments where storage-density is a very high priority. VNA’s are usually between 1.83m and 1.98m wide, allowing only one vehicle to operate in the aisle at a time. Selective pallet racking that is configured for smaller spaces, is ideal for these situations as it increases the use of height, while requiring a smaller operating aisle.


Wide aisles

Wide aisles are usually wider than 3 meters and are typically used in warehouses with smaller product ranges, but large order quantities. Using a wide aisle system can increase the productivity and speed of operations, but uses space less economically. Wide aisles are best for drive in pallet racking, and push back pallet racking as it has enough space to allow a variety of forklifts to operate and manoeuvre with ease.


Wide aisle racking systems are also used in storage facilities with heavy or bulky stock which require sit-down counterbalance lift trucks or in areas where a single vehicle has to perform a variety of activities such as unloading, stock movement and storage. Heavy duty long span shelving and cantilever racking work well in these situations. Cantilever racking is used for storing elongated items like pipes, timber and rods – as they require more space for a forklift to reach and move the stock. Long span shelving is large and strong and usually used for products that are too bulky or heavy for pallet storing.


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