Top 5 FAQs About Pallet Racking

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Top 5 FAQs About Pallet Racking

With a wide range of flexible options to suit your needs, it’s easy to wonder where to start with your pallet racking system. We’ve made a list of the top five frequently asked questions and answers about pallet racking to help you see how pallet racking could work for you.


Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking


What standard pallet racking options are available?

One of the advantages of using pallet racking is that you are able to customize your chosen system to suit your needs. With selective pallet racking you can start with one or two units and then begin to expand your pallet racking as the need arises. This allows you to create a custom system that caters to your individual storage requirements.


How do I know if pallet racking is right for my storage needs?

Pallet racking is a flexible solution to many storage requirements as it allows you to optimize your space and work more efficiently and profitably. Speaking to an expert in the industry who has a wide range of pallet racking systems available will ensure you find the best system for your exact needs. At Blue Diamond Storage, industry experts are on hand to discuss your needs and help you find the right storage system for your space. We also offer a free onsite audit and consultation service with qualified consultants as well as free CAD design for all installation projects.


How much weight can my pallet beams hold?

Different capacity loads are available depending on your requirements but beams with a maximum load of 4000kg UDL per level are the highest available option. Be sure to discuss this with your pallet racking supplier when you enquire about their pallet racking systems so that your needs are met while your costs are minimized.


What is UDL?

The UDL is the Uniformly Distributed Load and is a rating system used for pallet racking beams. This explains the maximum load that can be uniformly distributed on your pallet beam. Bear in mind this does not mean the maximum weight of a single pallet as the weight needs to be uniformly distributed to prevent damage.


Does my pallet racking need load signs?

All the components of your chosen pallet racking systems should have been tested in Australia and approved to current AS4084-2012 standards. According to these standards, load signs must be displayed visibly and provide information on permissible loads, distance from the ground to the first beam level and other relevant information.


For more information about quality pallet racking systems from Blue Diamond Storage as well as other storage options available, visit our website or give us a call on 1300 998 647 to see how we can save you space and money and find the perfect storage solution for you.

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