Tips For Pallet Racking Safety

Tips For Pallet Racking Safety

Ensuring your pallet racking is safely constructed and maintained is essential for a safe working environment. Even though there are many different kinds of pallet racking, such as selective pallet racking, cantilever racking and push back racking, the principles for pallet racking safety remain the same no matter what type you have installed. Blue Diamond Storage has put together their top safety tips for installing and using pallet racking.




When choosing which kind of pallet racking to install, make sure you choose the right type to suit your needs. Installing the wrong kind of pallet racking for your requirements increases the risk of accidents in the warehouse. If you aren’t sure which kind of pallet racking would be the ideal warehouse solution for you, you can ask a local pallet racking company to conduct a warehouse safety audit and recommend the right type of pallet racking for your needs.


If you are taking over a warehouse which already has pallet racking installed, check you have the paperwork which tells you want kind of pallet racking it is as well as its safe load limits and check it has been correctly installed. Overloading pallet racking is one of the main causes of accidents and collapses, so knowing your limits when it comes to loading the pallet racking is extremely important.


Lift truck collisions are another common cause of pallet racking accidents so having extra protection on your pallet racking components is just as important. Upright protectors help to keep your columns safer and reduce the damage from an impact with a forklift. You can also get support bars to reinforce your pallet racking and guardrails to protect them from potential collisions.


Once your pallet racking has been installed, this does not mean it can be left without proper care. Regularly inspect your pallet racking and check it is still safe and secure. For pallet racking which is bolted to the floor, check it is still tightly bolted as it can loosen over time. Use safety clips and also check these remain secure over time.


Staff training is essential for maintaining a safe warehouse environment. Keeping your staff up to date with current safety standards and expectations means they will remain vigilant and aware of how to load and unload pallet racking safely. All pallet racking should also be designed and installed according to current Australian safety standards – check with your pallet racking supplier that their pallet racking meets these requirements before purchasing your pallet racking.


Blue Diamond Storage offer a variety of services including pallet racking for sale, warehouse safety audits and customised warehouse storage solutions. They can design, supply and install your pallet racking in Perth and around Australia, or you can purchase and install it yourself, following these helpful safety tips. Call Blue Diamond Storage today on 1300 998 647 for personalised advice and service.