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Pallet Racking

One of the simplest ways to organise your storage area is by investing in high quality pallet racking. Selective pallet racking offers the ultimate in flexibility – start with just one or two units and then as your requirements expand you can add to your existing pallet racking to create a system that works perfectly for you. For most warehouse based businesses, storage racks are an integral component of the warehouse set up.

Optimising your space can help to deliver increased efficiency and profitability for your business, and pallet racking is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to do that. By streamlining your space with bespoke pallet racking solutions, you can also help to encourage safe working procedures which in turn can minimise workplace accidents. Blue Diamond Storage pride themselves on encouraging a culture of both safety and efficiency on all projects and ensure that all warehouse storage systems implemented are designed to meet the current Australian safety standards.

Our team at Blue Diamond Storage are extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of pallet racking and storage solutions and are on hand to help you choose exactly which pallet racking system would be best suited to your business needs. We offer a free onsite audit and consultation service with our qualified consultants as well as free CAD design for all installation projects.

So whether you need to maximise the storage area in your warehouse, add a mezzanine floor, redesign your workshop or simply organise your office space, get in touch with Blue Diamond Storage and see what we can do for you.