How Often Should You Inspect Your Pallet Racking?

//How Often Should You Inspect Your Pallet Racking?

How Often Should You Inspect Your Pallet Racking?

Pallet racking is a simple and highly effective way to organise any storage area – a valuable asset to many warehouses. A crucial aspect of keeping an effective and safe pallet racking system is regular inspection and maintenance. It is easy to overlook minor damages, but small issues often lead to costly, serious and even deadly situations. This can easily be avoided with regular pallet racking inspection.


Legal obligations

According to Australian work safety laws, a company is legally required to ensure that their storage system is professionally audited once a year. Many insurance policies will also require an annual racking inspection to meet their requirements.


This inspection should be carried out by a qualified rack inspector or auditor to ensure compliance with the law. A business’s racking inspection should not only be an audit to check the condition of racking equipment, but also provide a report with suggestions on how you can maintain your pallet racking and keep it to at least a legally satisfactory standard. During this inspection the auditor will examine the entire pallet racking system for correct application and use, checking that loads are within safe limits.


Another requirement to keep in mind is that any changes to pallet racking systems should be checked by the manufacturer or a qualified inspector, to ensure full compliance and safety.


Company inspection and maintenance

It is important to realise that racking damages can occur at any time during day-to-day operations. An accumulation of small occurrences causes increased strain on racking systems and present considerable risks.


To avoid this, management or trained operators in the company should inspect the racking frequently. Visual inspections can be done weekly or even daily to ensure the safety of the structure and to extend the life expectancy of the storage system. The responsible person should take note of all damages to the racking, and classify whether it is acceptable damage, hazardous damage or very serious damage. It is important to check the following areas for damages or issues:


  • Beams and end connectors
  • Bracing structures
  • Floor fixings and racking uprights
  • Load limits


A qualified auditor or pallet racking manufacturer will be able to provide the necessary information for carrying out regular inspections.


Other than regular inspections, careful note should be taken of any damages as they occur. Employees in the warehouse should report harm, collisions or other incidents that could potentially cause serious damage to a structure.


The inspection and maintenance of pallet racking systems should take priority in any warehouse. With the support of an expert team this shouldn’t be a hassle. Whether you are looking for specialist advice or pallet racking and storage solutions – the team at Blue Diamond Storage in Perth are on hand to assist you with any storage needs. Call them today on 1300 998 647 and speak to them about your storage needs.

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