How Not To Design Your Warehouse

///How Not To Design Your Warehouse

How Not To Design Your Warehouse

When designing a warehouse, focusing on what you want to get right is important. It is, however, also important to spend some time discussing what not to do as this can help prevent you from making some common mistakes that could cost you in the long run.

  1. Don’t overcomplicate your design

While this one may seem obvious, it’s important not to let your imagination run too wild with grand ideas of innovative ways to solve problems that probably don’t exist. It’s best to stick to simple designs that focus on function and practicality and allow everyone to understand how the daily operations should work. This allows people to use the warehouse as the design naturally suggests they should, which means less confusion and greater efficiency.

  1. Don’t underestimate the costs

Designing a new warehouse from scratch can be a costly affair so it’s important to have a realistic budget that can be adhered to while still allowing you room for unexpected expenses. You may think that this goes against sticking to a budget but there are many things that can happen to cause delays to your warehouse’s completion and it’s important to expect the worst while planning for the best. Allow for changes in weather (if relevant to your region) that could affect delivery of goods or building of sections of the warehouse and for delays in the supply of goods as things don’t always go according to plan. That being said, try to stick to your budget as closely as possible so that if there are any unforeseeable extra costs, the wiggle room you made in your budget hasn’t been eaten up by extravagant expenditure.

  1. Don’t discount the importance of location

We live in a society where you can access information at the click of a button and buy goods from all over the world that are delivered within a week. Make sure that your warehouse location allows you to take advantage of the age of impatience and keeps you close to your clients so you can get them their products timeously. Having to wait too long for a product can prevent a client from coming back to your business so make sure that you choose a location that enables you to minimise the time it takes for you to get your client the products they need.

  1. Don’t discount your competitors

Don’t ignore what your competitors are doing in terms of warehouse design. They are a valuable source of experience and can provide examples of what works and what doesn’t. Having said that, don’t discount the advice of your staff either. They know how things work on a daily basis so take the time to find out what they’ve found to be successful or unsuccessful.

Experience makes a big difference when planning a warehouse design so contact Blue Diamond Storage to take advantage of their experience and industry expertise in storage solutions that work for your warehouse. Call them on 1300 232 857 or email today to find out how they can help you avoid some common mistakes when designing your warehouse.

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