Everything You Need To Know About Drive-In Pallet Racking

///Everything You Need To Know About Drive-In Pallet Racking

Everything You Need To Know About Drive-In Pallet Racking

Are you considering expanding your business’ storage premises to accommodate more stock or concerned about your warehouse becoming too small for current business growth? Changing your storage to a drive-in pallet racking system can be the ideal and economic solution you are looking for. Before you take on costly route of relocating to a bigger site, have a look at all the facts you need to know about drive-in pallet racking and how it can benefit your business.


What is drive-in pallet racking?


Drive-in pallet racking is a low cost, greatly versatile and popular type of high-density pallet racking. This storage method allows for maximum storage capacity by using the minimum amount of space required.


Drive-in rack configuration allows a forklift to drive directly into pallet bays from one entrance. This system works on a first pallet in, last pallet out (FILO) principle and this makes it especially ideal for businesses that store low-rotation products or large quantities of similar or identical products.


Drive-in pallets are ideal for many industries, including general manufacturing, distribution channels and the food industries. The system is frequently used in cold room storage.


The advantages of drive-in pallet racking


A business can benefit greatly from utilising drive-in pallet racking efficiently. A well-optimised layout uses fewer, but larger and stronger structural elements as compared to other types of pallet racking. The strength and load capacity of the racks are increased by heavy-duty bracing that connects securely around the rack upright. This method is very cost-effective as a business needs to buy fewer components, without having to compromise on safety and load capacity.


Drive-in pallet racking also saves space and contributes greatly to a space-efficient warehouse. The high-density means of storage allows for a larger number of pallets to be stored per cubic meter than with other storage systems.


Another advantage of this system is that the pallet space is utilised in a manner that provides good product protection, which makes drive-in pallet racking very suitable for loads of fragile or easily damaged goods.



Efficient installation of drive-in pallets


It is important that a business’ drive-in pallets are optimally configured and installed in order to make full use of all the advantages as mentioned above. Here are some aspects that should be considered when planning to change to a drive-in pallet structure.


Firstly, determine the current and desired storage density. Also take into account the amount of floor space and the height of the current storage building.


It is also important to keep in mind how often your stock is rotated and how accessible the products should be.


Other aspects to take into consideration when completing your storage design are the load sizes and weight of the various items in your stock.


Talk to an expert


Whether you need only a little advice or a full on-site consultation and answers to meet your specific requirements, the expert team at Blue Diamond Storage in Perth is ready to assist. Contact them today for more information on drive-in pallet racking and other types of pallet racking and storage solutions.







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