4 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Pallet Racking

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4 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Pallet Racking

If your business is starting to outgrow its current premises, you may be considering relocating to a bigger location, or you might be thinking about investing in new storage solutions to achieve optimal use of your present space. Pallet racking is an excellent alternative to a costly relocation, and can be much more cost-effective too. There are a few things to consider when deciding whether to install pallet racking and these can also help to guide you in what kind of pallet racking would suit your business needs the best.


Firstly, it would be beneficial to perform a cost analysis of relocating your business and compare it to the cost to install a new warehouse storage system to maximise your existing space. In most scenarios, installing pallet racking will be a better use of both your money and time.


One of the first questions to ask once you have decided on pallet racking for your storage needs, is does your chosen racking comply with current Australian safety standards? Always choose a supplier whose racking conforms to current safety standards and ask them for confirmation of this. The last thing you want to do is spend money on racking which may not be completely safe.


Next you will have to look at what your business requirements are and whether standard pallet racking will suffice or if you might need a fully customised warehouse solution. There are many different kinds of pallet racking, such as selective pallet racking, drive in pallet racking and push back pallet racking, and depending what your business is and how many different types of products you need stored will determine what kind of racking will be ideally suited to your needs. If none of these ‘off the shelf’ solutions are right for your business, you could engage the services of a storage solutions company who can complete an onsite audit and create a completely customised solution for you.


Finally, whatever type of racking you choose will determine what sort of lifting equipment you need to use with it. The configuration of the pallet racking and the style chosen will influence the type of access you need to access the pallets. Incorporate these costings into your initial outlay figures when choosing to install new pallet racking.


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